Pregnancy Tests & When to Take Them


It is not easy for that period when you are possibly pregnant but has not confirmed it. There is timing involved when taking a pregnancy test; you cannot just go to the pharmacy and take one whenever you suspect. For more reason on when and how to take the pregnancy tests click on There are two types of tests, and these each have different times that you can use them.

General information

Type of tests

kkjkjkjkjkjjkThere are two types of tests you can take, one tests your blood and one tests your urine. Usually, home tests use urine, and the test the doctor does is using your blood. In both types of tests, the hormone they are looking for is the same one, called HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin. It is between 6 and eight days after ovulating that a blood test can be taken and fourteen for a urine one.

Urine tests

Most home tests are urine tests. They are usually easy to read, convenient and cheap and perhaps best of all they are private. You can react to the news however you wish to. Most tests suggest the urine that is passed when you wake up in the morning as the HCG is easier to detect. If you get a positive result go and visit your doctor for a confirmation blood test and pelvic examination.


Timing when taking a pregnancy test is vital because if you are taking it too soon in the pregnancy, there might not be enough of the HCG in the urine to give you a positive result. Home tests tend to be about ninety percent accurate if you hold out and test the day after the missed period. If you believe you are pregnant but the results are negative wait another week and then take it again (unless that missed period arrives in which case you know you are not). If you get a negative result again and still feel some doubt, you need to go to your doctor and get a blood test.


jkkjjkjkkjkjRemember one thing, a urine test can give a false negative reading i.e. it says you are not pregnant and you are, but it cannot give a false positive, i.e., it says you are pregnant but you are not. Pregnancy has many joys and many tribulations to experience, the morning sickness not so special…the first time you feel him or her kick, priceless. To do best by your child and yourself make sure you know how to eat and take care of yourself.