10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking a Minicab in London



Minicab transport is one of the most convenient means of transport in London. If interested in hailing or ordering mini cabs london offers a variety of choices and in different models and colors.

Some advantages of using a minicab in this city

It is a sure way of getting to your destinationaa02

If you are not conversant with your destination and the routes, a minicab is the way to go in London. The drivers are street smart and have in-depth knowledge of the city and its suburbs. This means that there is zero chance of getting lost.

Reliable in case of an emergency

In London, minicabs are readily available. In the event that a family member gets sick in the middle of the night or any other such eventuality that requires urgent attention, you can count on a cab. Within a few minutes of order, the vehicle will be at your doorstep. Minicabs operate 24/7 and therefore you can access one whenever you are in need.

Can be used for leisure

Are you planning to go out with your friends? A minicab will take you wherever you want to go. Be it clubbing, shopping or an excursion into the country side.

Provides convenience

You only need access to the internet to order a minicab in London. Unlike a bus or a train, a cab will drop you exactly where you want to go. You do not need to look for parking space if you are using one unlike while using your own car.


Unlike buses and trains which are used to transport passengers only, minicabs can be costumed for other uses. They can be used to provide services like hotel transportation and airport transportation.

You get to pay the same amount of money despite the number of people in it

The fare charged when travelling by a minicab is standardized whether you are travelling alone or with a bunch of friends. You are not required to pay an extra amount just because you are alone.

Well experienced drivers

In London, minicab driving is a serious career. Aspiring minicab drivers have to take a knowledge test. Passing this test may require years of preparation. Most drivers have many years of experience driving around the streets of London.

Mini cab prices are pocket friendly

You do need to rob a bank to afford a minicab ride in London. With as little as £2.60 you can be on the move. Although minicabs are not as cheap as taking a bus, the comfort and convenience they provide makes the price very reasonable.

aa01Clean and well maintained minicabs

Minicabs are serviced regularly to ensure that they are in good shape all the time. This reduces the chance of a breakdown while you are on your trip .They are clean and presentable at all time.

Friendly and lively drivers

Minicab drivers in London are out going and easy to start a conversation with. In case you have questions or any concerns, don’t hesitate to speak out. They are always willing to show you around.