Qualities of an Excellent Delivery Bag for Your Pizza Business



It is easy to serve customers who eat inside your restaurant. You can easily make the pizza and serve them fresh to your customers. However, it is not as easy dealing with pizza deliveries. The longer the delivery time, the less fresh the pizza becomes. The pizza may have cooled down to an unappetizing temperature during the delivery, or it may have disassembled during the ride.

To prevent this, you need to invest in a quality pizza delivery bag that will keep your pizza warm and fresh as well as intact during deliveries. Visit incrediblebag.com and look at the best delivery bags.

To make sure that you choose the right bag, I have listed below the qualities of an excellent delivery bag for your pizza business.


Pizza businesses typically offer various kinds and sizes of pizza on their menus. It is thus best to keep different sizes of pizza delivery bags that match your pizza sizes. Using a large delivery bag for smaller pizzas will make it unsecured and more likely to move around inside the bag during the delivery. This might make your pizza get deformed before it reaches the destination. It is also best to keep larger bags for when you may have larger orders to serve so that you won’t have to use more than one pizza bag for a single delivery. Choosing how many bags of each size will depend on your estimation of the number of deliveries that you might get in a single day.


Thermal Insulation and Moisture Control

Customers will want their delivered pizza warm and fresh as when they eat it inside your restaurant. In order to keep your pizzas warm, you should invest in a delivery bag with thermal insulation. This is a bag with a special lining that will keep your pizzas warm for as long as 30 minutes. Aside from keeping your pizzas warm, you will need to keep them dry. Customers will not want to eat a soggy pizza. When buying bags with thermal insulation, be sure to ask for a moisture-free lining that will prevent the pizza inside the bag from getting soggy.


Although most pizza chains will choose a color that matches their logo, it is actually better to choose delivery bags with darker colors so that natural wear and tear will not be easily visible, especially to your customers. It is best to choose dark green or black bags.

Shape and Seal

The delivery bag must hold its own shape and must not rely on the shape of your pizza box. It will need to be sturdy in order to properly hold and contain your pizza during delivery. The delivery bag should also have a strong and tight seal. A Velcro strip that supports a zipped bag is enough to ensure a secure closure of the bag.



Lastly, you must choose a delivery bag with a reasonable price. Expensive bags do not necessarily mean that they’re the best bags. To make sure you get the best bargain, consider all the qualities in number 1 to 4 and the delivery bags that have all these qualities will be sufficient for your pizza business.

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