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Not every one of us finds it easy to socialize with strangers in a gathering or meeting that is taking place for the first time. Even the bravest and an outgoing person can have a hard time, let alone those who are shy and introvert. But with these four tips that you will read below, you will feel more prepared and confident in talking with other people and starting a conversation.

Show what you like

The most challenging part is probably to start a conversation because you may have many insecurities about what if and the idea of it is terrifying to you. One of the easiest ways to start a discussion with someone is to have something that is called a conversation starter. And you don’t have to wear anything ridiculous, just find a good merchandise or fashion item with your favorite character, movie, actor, song, band, and anything that you like on it. For example, wear a Dr Seuss tee shirt if you are interested in Dr. Seuss. This way strangers who are intrigued by the character or at least curious will talk to you about it, and you can kick off the night from there.

Find a similarity

After the conversation starts, try to find any similarity between you and the person because it will be harder to relate to a completely different person with nothing in common. Ask them where they come from, what major that they took in university, job, food, hobby, and if there is something that you feel like you can relate to, say it to the person, so that person know that they can connect with you.

Be a good listener

conversationIf there are any tips that you should remember from this article besides to wear what you like for a conversation starter, it’s this one. No one wants and enjoys a talk with someone that only talks about themselves. The number one key to making your conversation with the others an enjoyable experience is when you are a good listener. People love to be heard, and from letting them to the talk and giving attention to them, they will feel that you are paying attention to them. By doing this, you can also see what kind of person that you are talking too.

Move around

a girlDon’t stay in one place and hope that the good people will come around, you are not a tree. Just move and find people to have fun within different parts of the venue, you will be surprised of how many fun times that you could have missed if you didn’t explore and keep meeting new people.

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