A Look at Different Methods of Killing Fleas


Fleas are creepy and wingless insects that can give homeowners sleepless nights. What makes them so dominant is the fact that their eggs can be dropped anywhere in the house. The eggs then hatch into larvae and eventually into fleas. Flea eggs can stay dormant for more than a year. This is why they sometimes reappear even when a home has been treated. You can read this article for the different methods of killing the fleas. Below is a look at different methods of killing fleas.

Different methods

Use Dishwashing Liquid as Flea Trap

lkklklklklklThis method involves adding dishwashing liquid to a bowl half full of water. The bowl is then placed on the floor in the middle of the room at night. A lit candle is placed next to the bowl. This method works because fleas are attracted by light. Once they jump towards the light, they get stuck in the highly viscous dishwashing liquid whereby they get trapped and eventually die.

Salt Remedy

Salt is a commonly used ingredient in getting rid of tough fleas, particularly from carpets. It acts as a dehydration agent, drying out fleas’ bodies. For this to work, table salt and a spice bottle having a shaker top is needed. The salt has to be ground to a fine powder and then filled into the spice bottle. It is then sprinkled over carpets in all rooms. For best results, it is advisable to sprinkle the salt in a way that it covers the area evenly. The carpets are then vacuumed thoroughly after a day or two.

Herbal Flea Spray

Some homeowners may consider eliminating fleas from the home by using a flea bomb full of chemicals. If this is the case, it is worthy trying out a herbal spray. The homemade herbal spray can be made using ingredients such as witch hazel and lemon juice. Vinegar, lemon juice, water and witch hazel are mixed together. The mixture is then filled into a garden sprayer and sprayed in every corner of the house. This is done for several days depending how badly the home is infested with fleas.

Boric Acid

yywwqqzxvbWhen it comes to killing fleas, boric acid works in the same way as salt. It plays the role of a dehydrating agent or desiccant, causing severe dehydration in fleas that eventually kills them. A homeowner needs to sprinkle boric acid where he or she suspects fleas, their eggs or larvae may be located. However, it is advisable to exercise caution. As much as boric acid has low toxicity for humans, care should be taken when children and pets are around.

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